When Leon started attending the ISSofBC Preschool in July of 2017, teachers quickly assessed that he needed extra support in order to participate more successfully in the class and interact with his peers and teachers. Permission was obtained from Leon’s parents to seek support services through the Vancouver Supported Child Development program from BC Centre for Ability (BCCFA). Preschool staff also shared with Leon’s parents their plan to provide Leon with one-on-one care to address his learning needs and promote his inclusion in the preschool. The progress that Leon has shown since has pleased both his parents and his preschool teachers.

Services Applied
  • A stimulating and safe environment
  • A variety of approaches to help Leon with his needs and support his family including:
  • Using information talk to promote Leon’s English language development;
  • Using “First/Then” board to help him understand the sequence of certain activities;
  • Using visuals such as a visual choice board to help Leon communicate effectively at school and at home
  • Using timers to help Leon with self-care and encourage him to attend activities.
  • Referral to BCCFA


Leon’s need for extra support was not identified in a previous school. An earlier referral to BCCFA would have given Leon more time to benefit from BCCFA’s services and prepare him better for his entry into kindergarten. This meant that ISSofBC’s preschool team had a narrower window of time to work with Leon to achieve the desired outcomes.


ISSofBC’s preschool staff were quick to act as soon as it was determined that Leon would benefit from intervention. Preschool staff are open to having outside agencies assist them in providing the best possible early childcare intervention for client families. And while circumstances did not allow for Leon to receive the needed extra support earlier, the services he has since received from ISSofBC’s preschool and BCCFA have been seen to make a positive difference.


Since Leon began receiving extra support, he has been able to join his peers in all the daily activities, respond well to the use of visuals, and identify peers he wants to regularly interact with.

He is also better able to make choices and pick the activities he wants to take part in. He has learned more how to label his emotions, express them appropriately, and more effectively engage with teachers and his peers in a group.

“The teachers at ISSofBC preschool have been extremely supportive of Leon’s needs. Ever since he started attending he has been showing a lot of improvements with his social and fine motor skills. He is able to label his feelings and manage them more appropriately. He is able to interact with his peers, he joins group time and plays outside. It is because of the teachers’ determination and their efforts that Leon has progressed”. — Eni and Kon-Ho Song, Leon’s parents