Even with an engineering degree and some IT work experience, Priyadarshini Singh – nicknamed Prachi – met with no success when she tried to find a relevant job after arriving from India in 2016. She encountered the same employment barriers that many job-seeking immigrants with professional backgrounds go through, primarily lack of Canadian experience. But the unique TechStart program, with its combination of skills training and job readiness coaching saw her successfully employed only five days after completing the program.

Services Applied
  • Skills training from Vancouver’s top coding school
  • Pre-training preparation
  • Job readiness coaching (help with resumes, interviews)
  • Tips on improving spoken and written communication
  • Personality development
  • Networking opportunities and job search support


As a newcomer, Prachi faced a variety of job search challenges: lack of local relevant work experience, language barriers, lack of understanding of Canadian culture and workplace communication norms, and lack of professional network. Moreover, her resume development and job interview skills did not align with Canadian employers’ expectations.


Prachi completed both components of the TechStart program. In the first – a month-long job readiness coaching component – Prachi learned job search skills and received help with improving her resume and interview skills, and her professional writing and presentational skills. She also received Canadian workplace communication and job maintenance tips. And to build her and other participants’ chances of succeeding in the second part of the program – a fast-paced Web Development Bootcamp training at Lighthouse Labs – Prachi had the opportunity to have some coding practice. ISSofBC staff provided support and encouragement throughout. At the bootcamp, Prachi learned the coding skills and knowledge to secure a Software Engineer job. She also had the opportunity to meet many professionals in the technology sector and expand her network.


Prachi credits ISSofBC and the TechStart program with playing a “very crucial role” in accelerating her career. The combination of job search skills and technical skills training in the program boosted Prachi’s confidence “tremendously.” After finishing the program, Prachi was invited by more than 10 companies that had seen her resume to come in for an interview. Barely a week after graduating from TechStart, Prachi had landed a job as a software engineer.

Persistence is the key to success. When you want to achieve something very badly, and you give your 100% to it, there is no chance of failure in it. I really believe in Paulo Coelho’s saying ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.”