What We Do

  • 60-hour program that targets the specific needs of IT workers
  • program designed with input from local IT employers to meet their staff hiring and retention needs
  • cover topics that reflect latest trends in Metro Vancouver’s IT workplace
  • provide opportunity to practise oral and written communication in the IT workplace.
  • teach critical thinking skills expected by employers
  • offer lessons on expressing ideas and opinions effectively
  • guest speakers provide up-to-date information and advice on the local IT industry and jobs
  • link you to ISSofBC’s expert Employer Relations Specialists and hiring events

“I learned about critical thinking and I’m feeling more comfortable in exposing my ideas and point of view without the fear of being wrong. I know I still have a lot of that fear, but it was a great start to have this safe environment where I can go and try little by little to share what I have.” – Igor

You can join if you are:
  • Permanent Resident, Canadian citizen or refugee
  • Have English level of CLB 7 and higher
  • Unemployed, under-employed or working in IT but struggling with communication
  • With Experience and/or training as: Computer Programmer, Database Analyst, Data Administrator, Computer Network Technician
Locations Available


  • Writing formal and informal messages, email and instant messages
  • Speaking, writing (for example, case notes) and taking notes in an IT workplace
  • Pronunciation and intonation support
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Simulations and role-plays:
    • Asking for, giving and receiving feedback
    • Supporting clients through trouble-shooting
    • Inspiring team members
    • Engaging in meetings
    • participating in status reporting
    • Explaining styles of code review
    • Making presentations using slides
  • Career goal-setting

For more information

Email: ales@issbc.org
or call 604-684-2504