As part of the ISSofBC Preschool practice, all teachers write documentations from observations of the children. These documentations are used to share the learning that happens in the preschool. Each teacher documents daily and then has time to put together the story of the learning and experience that took place. The BC Early Learning framework is used in each documentation which provides a focal point for dialogue among British Columbians, so together we can develop a common language and greater understanding of the vital importance of early learning for all young children.

Eagle Exploration – Children learn about the amazing lives of eagles via a live web cam. This spurs a number of student led projects including bird drawings, learning about life-sized eagle wing spans and a visit from the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society– an organization that rescues and rehabilitates birds of prey.


Preschool Art Show – Children learn to use cameras to document their learnings during their time in Preschool. Through this process, the class hosts an art show highlighting their photographs, tower exploration, wall art and leaf monsters.The children were very proud of their work and invited family, friends, staff and residents of the ISSofBC Welcome Centre to view their accomplishments.