Our Services

Access to online learning resources

on hiring and retention best practices, and anti-oppression and inclusion training (approx. 10 hours of content).

Live webinars

hosted by an HR expert to recap content and answer business-specific questions.

24/7 access to online ‘Ask an HR Expert’

help desk support for up to a year.

Plug-in to our database

to optimize job descriptions, and receive tailored candidate matches for open positions.

Retention and follow-up support

from an Employer Relations Specialist to support hiring requirements.


  • Employee or owner of a small business (less than 50 employees) operating in Lower Maninland, BC.

  • actively hiring or expect to be hiring for vacant positions in the next 4-6 months

  • interested in receiving and potentially interviewing pre-screened candidates from ISSofBC for your current or anticipated vacancies


  • complete self-paced e-learning content & watch live webinars (10-15 hours)
  • participate in a short training session for an AI competency matching system to upload and optimize your job descriptions (1 hour)
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