• Caregiver
  • Migrant worker
  • Naturalized Citizen

  • Temporary foreign worker
  • International student
  • Convention refugee

  • Refugee claimant
  • Permanent resident

What we do

  • Provide legal advice to individuals who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace through free legal clinics at ISSofBC

  • Offer public legal education on workplace sexual harassment through free workshops at ISSofBC and other locations

  • Refer to employment and settlement services including emotional support and counselling


Free Legal Clinics

Held in ISSofBC locations throughout Metro Vancouver

Legal Advice

Provide legal advice to people who experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace through phone or personal meeting with the assistance of an interpreter if needed.


Offer referrals to psychosocial, employment, language and settlement services.


Conduct legal education to the public on workplace sexual harassment through classroom orientations, workshops and advocacy campaigns

What to Do if You’re Sexually Harassed at Work

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Free legal information and advice Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am–8 pm Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 9 am–5 pm