We are seeking an experienced compliance-oriented operations and policies manager to join our company as a Director of Trust & Safety. In particular, we are looking for an individual who is knowledgeable about the policies and standards of online platforms (e.g. YouTube) with respect to copyright, children’s content, monetization, paid promotions and influencer marketing, and other best-practice matters, and who has relevant experience in developing, implementing, and enforcing compliance-related policies and processes in a fast-growing media and technology company.

The successful candidate will primarily be responsible for maintaining a network of content that is compliant with the rules and regulations of applicable online platforms, and for the strategic direction, execution, and oversight of all compliance initiatives with respect to such platforms, including improving, streamlining and enforcing processes and policies across the company. The successful candidate must be a self-starter and able to work effectively without constant supervision.

Key Responsibilities:

Have an intimate and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the Terms of Service/Use and Community Guidelines, as well as internal and proposed guidelines, of major online content platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch
Conduct and manage compliance audits and reviews of channels and content
Develop and implement policies and procedures for the handling of non-compliant channels and content
Liaise with online platform policy managers to learn the latest updates on the platform’s policies and standards, and distribute such critical information to the relevant departments and stakeholders in a timely manner
Manage BBTV’s channel onboarding process and Onboarding team (in-house and overseas) to ensure all channels that are accepted into the BBTV network meet BBTV’s and its platforms’ channel requirements
Manage BBTV’s owned & operated channels and social media properties to ensure all content has been cleared for distribution
Manage and conduct compliance appeals and escalate to the Legal department if necessary
Collaborate and work with other departments (e.g. Legal, R&D, Content Acquisition, etc.) to ensure the company has complete and effective processes in place to adhere to online platform policies
Conduct company-wide training and education presentations re: BBTV’s and BBTV’s online platforms’ content compliance policies and procedures
Unify processes and drive consistency across departments and business units
Own reporting, risk management, and capacity planning in collaboration with Department Heads
Provide leadership to the company to champion long-term initiatives that will have an impact on future activities and business direction
Anticipate the evolution of our business and operations that can grow to meet new factors (i.e. focus on the future of the function, not on just today’s operations)

Key Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Business or Law preferred
Experience with and knowledge of the Terms of Service/Use and Community Guidelines of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and other online platforms
Minimum 5 years of operations and management experience
Experience in the development, implementation, and execution of compliance policies and procedures
Experience in the management of teams and compliance initiatives
Proven ability to work in collaboration with other departments to achieve collective goals
Must possess situational awareness and management capabilities
Proven ability to make difficult decisions and have the ability to objectively analyze each situation
Highly developed relationship building skills, as well as the ability to establish credibility and influence with internal and outside stakeholders
Must have initiative and possess passion, energy, and enthusiasm to meet high standards
Excellent change management skills required; comfortable with ambiguity and constant change, yet able to set priorities and execute on commitments
Flexible and agile: the ability to adapt quickly and be effective in a highly dynamic environment

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