Duties/Responsibilities: (Include job summary, duties and tasks)

· Assist with planning and scheduling production and supervising the production process. Directly

responsible for managing all production line employees, and production line staff.

· Responsible for training new Production employees on Tableting, Encapsulating & Coating.

· Must be able to set up and start tablet press, encapsulation, coating machines independently.

· Review all production documentation and confirm they are accurate. Monitoring the production
practices and setting the schedules as required.

· Work with managers effectively to execute the policies and goals of the organization. Assist with
monitoring the facility for health and safety issues.

· Coordinate with all departments to ensure production goals are achieved. Assist with supervising
and motivating the production team & quality control.

· Utilize computer systems to ensure work orders are processed and accurate.

· Maintain workflow by monitoring steps of the processes; observing control points; monitoring personnel

and resources, resolving scheduling conflicts; developing reporting procedures and systems.

· Perform all work to organizational standards to ensure final product meets quality standards. Perform quality inspections as necessary.

· Maintain cleanliness of equipment and assigned work area at all times. Work effectively as part of a team
to ensure productivity and efficiency.

· Performs related duties as required and assigned.

Qualifications/Requirements: (Include skills, training, education, physical requirements, experience, etc.)

· At least Bachelor or certificate degree in Manufacturing or similar program. Previous Supervision

Experience Required.

· Minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in Tableting, Coating & Encapsulation in pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry or similar type manufacturing industry.

· Well-developed production management skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment

· Must demonstrate the ability to work in a safe manner. Excellent communications skills required.

· Good general computer operation skills and basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software.

· Must be able to lift up to 50lbs.

· Excellent planning, negotiating, and organizing skills. Ability to motivate co-workers, colleagues and others


*** To Apply: For ISSofBC clients, please contact your Employment Counselor or Career Facilitator. For others, please contact 604-684-2561, or email:  employersolutions@issbc.org and reference the Job ID in the subject title.