Temporary Resident Status Applications

  • Study Permits
  • Work Permits
    • Open Work Permits for abused foreign worker
  • Visitor Visas
  • Temporary Resident Permit (inadmissible foreign nationals or victims of family violence)

Permanent Resident Status Applications

  • Family Class (sponsoring spouse, dependent child, parents/grandparents or other relatives, excluded family members)
  • Economic Class (Express Entry)
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations
  • Permanent Residency Applications for Determined Convention Refugees

Citizenship Applications

  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Application
  • Citizenship Appeals to the Federal Court

Travel Documents

  • Refugee Travel Documents
  • Permanent Resident Travel Documents
  • Canadian Passport Applications

Immigration Enforcement, Immigration Hearings and Judicial Reviews

  • CBSA Investigation/Enforcement
    • Section 44 Report (inadmissibility Report)
    • Arrest and Detention
  • Immigration Division
    • Detention Reviews (Foreign National detained by CBSA)
    • Admissibility Hearings (criminality, medical, membership in an organization, misrepresentation, lack of finances, etc.)
    • Removal Orders (departure, exclusion or deportation)
    • Stay of Removal Orders (Minister’s Stay, Judicial Review, PRRA, H&C Approval or Appeal to IAD)
  • Immigration Appeal Division
    • Sponsorship Refusal
    • Removal Orders
    • Loss of Permanent Resident Status
  • Refugee Protection Division
    • Eligibility Assessment for Refugee Claim
    • Refugee Hearing Preparation (evidence submission and claimant testimony)
    • Representation at the Hearing
  • Refugee Appeal Division
    • Notice of Appeal
    • Refugee Appeal Record Preparation
    • Refugee Appeal Hearings
  • Judicial Review at the Federal Court
    • Application for Leave and Judicial Review
    • Decision on Application for Leave
    • Hearing

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