ISSofBC Poised for Partnership with Innovation Company

Envisioning Labs, a Vancouver company offering innovation training, has a new plan to bring together ISSofBC clients and organizations looking to train a staff member in innovation strategies.

CEO Oscar Malpica has been leading Design Thinking learning experiences for several years and hopes to offer this to ISSofBC Employer Partners. Whenever an organization registers an employee for the five-day learning opportunity, he’ll also provide the instruction to four ISSofBC internationally-trained professionals. Together, the five will learn systematic innovation strategies to provide a product or service to meet Employer Partner needs.

This opportunity is a way for Employer Partners to gain experience in innovation methodology training at the same time as assisting newcomers who often struggle with years of under-employment.

The service offers a win-win: employers get innovation training and also provide it for four newcomers. As the newcomers work on innovation challenges, they gain work experience and Employer Partners get a chance to preview the work of potential new hires.

Or maybe they simply participate in an experience that aims to reduce underemployment of highly-skilled newcomers.

Either way, the innovation training service is an example of innovation in its own right.

Please click above online presentation for more details and videos or email ISSofBC Employer Solutions at venus.rollo@issbc.org.

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