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Career Services

TechStart Program for Refugees

Do you have computer skills and want to put them to use? TechStart will provide you with the skills training and support needed to enter Metro Vancouver's growing tech sector.

TechStart is a 4 month, full-time program providing refugees with Job Readiness Coaching, Language Instruction and Intensive Bootcamp training to prepare for a career in the Tech Sector. ISSofBC's Employer Relations program will provide further support and networking opportunities for successful TechStart participants. 

TechStart participants will learn from Vancouver's top code academies to gain the coding skills and knowledge needed to become junior developers.

Following an intake and Job Readiness Component in Phase 1, Bootcamp Training will be provided by the following trainers:

TechStart is a partnership project involving key stakeholders, ISSofBC, Startland, Trainers (RED Academy, CodeCore and Lighthouse Labs) and Several Metro Vancouver Tech Employers. The project focuses on preparing and training refugees for entry level work in the tech sector.

Who Can Join?

Candidates must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • Government-Assisted Refugee (GAR), Privately Sponsored Refugee (PSR) or Refugee Landed in Canada (RLC)
  • Must be unemployed or under-employed
  • Metro Vancouver Resident
  • Able to commit to a 4-month full-time program
  • CLB Level 7 or greater (Lower CLB level may be considered if you have coding experience)
  • Have computer skills

Contact Us

To learn more about the TechStart progam, please send an email to

Funding for the TechStart program is provided through the Canada-B.C. Job Grant. The grant is an employer-driven, cost-sharing program that assists employers in investing in training for current and future employees. The Canada-B.C. Job Grant provides opportunities for job-seekers to develop the skills needed to enter the labour market and achieve long-term employment.