In 1999 my son immigrated to Canada as a skilled worker and few years later he sponsored me as his father and I became a permanent resident of Canada in 2006. After I retired in my home country I came back to Vancouver in 2011 and I became a citizen in 2015. After finishing many English classes gradually I felt isolation and depression because I was retired and had no job. In 2018 I decided that the best way I could overcome my isolation is volunteering and I chose ISSofBC to work with. Today I’m very happy for my decision and I’m proud of myself for being a volunteer and helping newcomers. Volunteering has had many benefits for me including:
1) I’m connected to my community now so I’m not isolated.
2) I’ve made many friends during volunteering.
3) I’ve learnt a lot about different cultures.
4) My English has improved.
5) I do my part as a responsible citizen.
6) finally, now I’m not a spectator in my society but I’m a participant.