Our CEO, Jonathan Oldman, shares the future direction of ISSofBC by presenting our strategic plan for the next three years.

Our simple, but ambitious vision is: To ensure we all thrive together in the community.

We’re a values-driven social impact organization with 50 years of history that is built on a strong mission, “Helping immigrants build a future in Canada”.

While levels of immigration to Canada continue to increase, people arriving, whether under economic, family or humanitarian streams, permanent or temporary, face many challenges. We’re here to be by our clients’ side, to guide and support them.

Read our strategic plan:

Strategic Plan 2022-25

You’ll read in our strategic plan that we aim not just to respond to increasing demand, but also to invest in our organizational capacity, infrastructure, and culture to ensure we have the strongest foundation possible.

This includes making sure our staff and volunteers are supported to excel, and that we are led by those we serve, our partners, and data-driven evidence in evolving and implementing continuous innovation.   

This work will respond to critical social issues of our day including diversity, equity, and inclusion and Truth and Reconciliation.

However, you relate to us – as service user, partner, community group, local business, or supporter, will you join us in this journey? Together we know we can bring our vision of a future where everyone grows and flourishes in life closer to reality.