Speaker series captures diverse viewpoints on immigration

ISSofBC brought together thinkers and movers to the Welcome Centre this fall to explore the topic “Does Immigration Matter?” for the inaugural CLOSER LOOK speaker series.

Three respected authors, researchers and public policy experts engaged with the public with the aim to look at all views making up the public discourse on immigration.

Videos of all three sessions are now available.

September 26 – Douglas Todd

“Is Unity Possible in a Metropolis of Enclaves?”
A multi-awarded Vancouver Sun columnist, author, thinker and sought-after speaker on migration and related issues.

October 24 – Catherine Dauvergne

“Compassion, Law, and Why Refugee Claims Matter”
Dean of the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC and respected author and researcher of refugee, Immigration and citizenship law.

November 14 – Shachi Kurl

“Immigration in Canada: Opinions, Misconceptions and the 2019 election”
Angus Reid Institute’s executive director and public policy expert who takes a “kitchen table” approach to discussing big, complicated topics.

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