Maple 2.0 Client Appreciation Mingler


An internship is the best way to get Canadian job experience, build relationships and open doors to career opportunities. This was one of the key messages shared during the ISSofBC MAPLE 2.0 first client appreciation mingler yesterday evening.

MAPLE 2.0 Mentorship in Action is a national project bringing together employers with internationally educated professionals through internship placements. The program creates employment opportunities for new immigrants and helps employers enhance their intercultural understanding.

Sheida Shakib-Zadeh, Director of Human Resources and Training for Pizza Hut Restaurants, has accepted 8 interns over the last 10 years working with ISSofBC and MAPLE 2.0.

She said the job search can be difficult for newcomers because employers may be reluctant to hire someone without Canadian experience. However, an internship can offer the experience needed, build references and create employment opportunities.

“If you become an intern I will give you a reference for life,” she said to the audience during the event.

The appreciation mingler also included an interactive workshop on Communicating from the Heart led by Vince Gowmon from Remembering to Play Events.

Participants learned effective forms of communicating and listening through interactive exercises involving speaking and listening scenarios.

Ines Montoya, MAPLE 2.0 Employer Relations Specialist said she hopes the event helps past and present clients become diversity ambassadors in their workplaces and future mentors for the MAPLE 2.0 project.

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