Stories of Learning and Hope

Joudi Saffo’s Journey to Success through Education

Former student of the LINC Squamish program, Joudi Saffo, smiling for the camera, wearing a jacket and t-shirt with a microphone attached to his clothes and a banner advertising ISSofBC's services behind him.

Joudi Saffo began his new life in Canada in 2022.  Originally from Syria, he had moved through Iraq and Kyrgyzstan due to the war before settling in British Columbia. 

Joudi came to Canada with a clear goal: to learn English and start a new life in BC. He joined the ISSofBC English program in Squamish, which became crucial to his success. 

Joudi’s story shows how education can change lives, especially for immigrants. Despite initial challenges with a new country, language, and culture, Joudi stayed determined. He knew mastering English was essential for opportunities and fitting into Canadian society. 

So, Joudi joined ISSofBC’s free English language LINC classes, starting at the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Joudi progressed with support from his teachers and ISSofBC staff and reached CLB 4 with hard work and determination. His progress showed his dedication and the program’s effectiveness in helping newcomers learn English. 

For Joudi, learning English wasn’t just practical—it empowered him.  With improved language skills, he confidently searched for jobs in British Columbia.  

In just two months, he found work in Squamish. His improved English not only helped him professionally but also enriched his daily life in his new community. 

Joudi’s journey serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration for other newcomers. He encourages them to use education to integrate and succeed and is thankful that organizations like ISSofBC are available to support newcomers like him after they are in Canada.  

Joudi’s path from newcomer to thriving community member shows how education and support can transform lives.  

His story proves the potential of every person, given access to quality education and support 

As Joudi continues his life in Canada, his story inspires others to dream big and pursue knowledge.  

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