Job seekers hone employability skills in Richmond workshop series

Richmond residents seeking to improve their employability with better cover letters and elevator pitches received expert advice on how to stand out among job seekers in an ISSofBC-led workshop series at the Richmond Public Library-Brighouse.

Every Thursday from April 4 to April 25, ISSofBC employment counselors conduct the workshops called Employability 101. At the first session in the series, ISSofBC employment counselors Gloria Mariash and Alan MacInroy conducted a one-on-one lesson with Richmond Library patrons to prepare stand-out cover letters and Resumes.

Camilla Dietrich, Instructional Coordinator at ISSofBC’s International Studies Division, facilitated the second session focused on soft skills, particularly Canadian-style assertiveness. Attendees investigated the differences between assertive, aggressive, passive and manipulative responses to challenging situations.

Pauline Davidson, ISSofBC ELSA for the Workplace instructor, led the third worshop focused on business English, particularly idiomatic language. During the session participants also explored the elevator pitch using a YouTube video, an article from the Canadian Immigrant magazine and discussion within the group.

The final worshop, Industry Talk: Bank and Finance, takes place on April 25 at 2pm at Brighouse Richmond Public Library.

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