And the winner of the contractor tendering process is ….?

At 3:30pm today we gathered at Henriquez Partners to open the envelopes with the bids submitted by four potential contractors. Having never gone through this process before – most of the time we are on the submitting line rather than evaluating side – we were surprised how small the envelopes with the bid information were. Guess we expected 800+ page proposals like the funding proposals we use to do for the Province. Within however long it takes to open four envelopes — less than 5 minutes we knew which company would likely be building our facility – now that was anti-climatic! We are now underway to adjust some building specifications to ensure the final bill is within our stated budget – stay tuned.

ChrisAbout the Author:
Chris Friesen has been the ISSofBC Director of Settlement Services for over twenty years. He is currently leading the multi-year initiative to design and build a Metro Vancouver Regional Service Centre for Refugees. In spring 2016, this 58,000sf facility will become the first of its kind in the world, bringing together a variety of community and government services and organizations to meet the immediate needs of refugees and immigrants settling in BC. Learn more about the new Welcome House.

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