Our Vision

We All Thrive Together in Community. 

We envision a future where everyone grows and flourishes in life. We learn from each other and support one another as we build our futures together. We connect people and families to the communities where they arrive and settle, recognizing that each of us thrives in communities when everyone feels a sense of belonging, and communities are stronger when all of us thrive. 

Our Mission

Helping immigrants build a future in Canada.

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

We work with purpose.

We are determined, intentional, and ambitious. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution so that everyone thrives.

  • We recognize we are all connected to an effort that’s greater than each of us.
  • We are thoughtful and deliberate with our choices.
  • We pursue change for the better.
  • We build enduring relationships and foster collaboration.

We aspire to improve. 

We strive for continuous learning and mutual growth. We seek new ideas to create opportunities and prepare for challenges.  

  • We persevere, despite obstacles and hardship. 
  • Whatever we do, we do it with passion.  
  • We do our best, and “when we know better, we do better.”  
  • We test and implement innovative solutions. 

We cultivate belonging.

We meet everyone with empathy, acceptance, and respect. We work with others to build more welcoming and inclusive communities.  

  • We embrace diversity. Come as you are!
  • We work to break down the barriers that hold back equity, justice, and a sense of belonging.
  • We celebrate and enhance people’s unique strengths, supporting them to reach their full potential.
  • We respect the identities and traditions of diverse groups and cultures.

We are genuine.

We demonstrate humility and openness. We are empathetic and seek to inspire confidence and earn trust. We are ‘in it together.’  

  • We strive to ensure every interaction is a moment of authentic connection.  
  • We look for and celebrate the best in others.  
  • We ‘show up’ as our full selves.  
  • We accept that we don’t have all the answers. 

Our Baseline Values and Guiding Principles


We uphold strong ethical principles.  

  • We strive to be consistent in what we say and do.  
  • We accept responsibility for our actions and their impacts.  


We are sincere, truthful, and transparent.  

  • We are open to having hard conversations, for the good of everyone.  
  • We share information openly and willingly.  


We show consideration for others’ feelings, wishes, rights and traditions.  

  • We build on strengths, rather than be limited by deficits.  
  • We appreciate the insights of one another’s lived experiences.