Vancouver Sun front page story

Following my discovery that some of the construction workers helping to build our new facility were in fact former ISSofBC refugee clients, I linked them to a Vancouver Sun reporter.

The results appeared June 22 on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. If you missed the article and accompanying video check it out below.

The short video that accompanies the article gives you a glimpse into the construction process in action by the 60 men working on site.

Read the full article here.

ChrisAbout the Author:
Chris Friesen has been the ISSofBC Director of Settlement Services for over twenty years. He is currently leading the multi-year initiative to design and build a Metro Vancouver Regional Service Centre for Refugees. In spring 2016, this 58,000sf facility will become the first of its kind in the world, bringing together a variety of community and government services and organizations to meet the immediate needs of refugees and immigrants settling in BC. Learn more about the new Welcome House.

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