The guts of a concrete floor



Every wonder what goes into a concrete floor of a building?

Work is well underway to complete the fourth floor (or third floor ceiling). You can see from these pictures the before and after shots of the first phase of concrete pouring – endless rebar, plumbing, heating and electrical wiring and outlets that spreads throughout the floor like blood vessels and then covered up (aerial shot) with ten truck loads of concrete.

What you see in these photos will be fully embedded in concrete by June 4 (as long as this fantastic weather continues).

The fourth floor is the location of ten future transitional housing units. When the building is completed we will be able to provide housing for single people up to families with sixteen members (a single bedroom shared with four others to two interlocking four bedroom unit). Each housing unit will be self-contained meaning it will have a full kitchen, living room, bathroom (the larger units will have two bathrooms) and separate bedrooms. All of the housing units will have beautiful views of the surrounding neighbourhood and those staying in the north wing will have perfect views of the North Shore Mountains and the downtown.

I can’t imagine what a refugee newcomer will think when they stay in our new facility during their first few weeks in Canada, especially those individuals and families who have spent years in protracted refugee camp situations – a home away from home!

ChrisAbout the Author:
Chris Friesen has been the ISSofBC Director of Settlement Services for over twenty years. He is currently leading the multi-year initiative to design and build a Metro Vancouver Regional Service Centre for Refugees. In spring 2016, this 58,000sf facility will become the first of its kind in the world, bringing together a variety of community and government services and organizations to meet the immediate needs of refugees and immigrants settling in BC. Learn more about the new Welcome House.

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