Syrian youth make recommendations on settlement needs

Close to 60 Arabic speaking Syrian youth got together over the weekend to share their experiences of settling in Canada and make recommendations on settlement needs in BC.

The one-day Arab Youth Refugee Consultation at ISSofBC Welcome Centre provided a space in Arabic for youth who have recently come as refugees to connect with each other and strengthen their network of support.

“This was the first time in ISSofBC history that we brought together former refugee youth within their first year to Canada and asked them how their settlement experience has been going to date as well as gained their input into some newcomer youth related policy and program needs,” said ISSofBC Director of Settlement Services Chris Friesen.

A total of 57 Syrian youth 15 to 24 years old participated in the consultation which translates to one in three Syrian youth currently in BC.

A report of recommendations compiled by participants will be released through a press conference, community meetings and a social media campaign starting October 6.

The Arab Youth Refugee Consultation was held in partnership by The Fresh Voices Initiative of Vancouver Foundation and by ISSofBC Saturday, September 17.

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