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Student Stories

Lu Fei balances motherhood and student life with the help of ISSofBC Childcare

A mother of twin girls, Lu Fei has been studying in LINC since March, 2014 and is currently at CLB-5. She learned of ISSofBC and the LINC program through a friend as well as through her husband, an immigration consultant. Lu Fei has since improved her English greatly and speaks with confidence. Her daughters Wendy and Willa, three-year-old twins born in Vancouver, enjoy their time at ISSofBC's Childcare Centre in Vancouver.

“It’s a great service” says Lu Fei about the centre, “I can comfortably learn English while my daughters can enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment."

Lu Fei grew up in Shanghai, and coming to Vancouver felt like an uncertain adventure, as she was without friends or family in the city.

After reaching CLB-5, where she has practiced her English skills to help her with interview and citizenship programs, Lu Fei now feels very much at home in Vancouver, and has since made many friends with her classmates.

Olga's young son learns and grows while making friends at ISSofBC's Childcare

Olga, who is originally from Turkestan, has been studying in LINC since April 2013 and is currently at CLB-6. She originally learned of ISSofBC and the LINC program after her friends suggested taking language courses.

She is happy to be here, as learning English within a classroom environment with friendly teachers and a diverse group of classmates has helped her significantly improve her English.

As much as Olga has enjoyed advancing her English speaking skills, her son Andrey has had an even better time. At 5 and a half years old, Andrey has made many new friends, improved his English and has had fun with the other children.

“He is far more communicative and active after playing with the other children,” she says.

Olga believes the environment at ISSofBC has only helped to encourage her son’s positive development.