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Our Name is ISSofBC


We have been known by several names over the years including Immigration Services and ISS which sometimes creates confusion and misunderstanding of our mission – something we don’t want to see continue.

This is why we are pleased to announce the use of ISSofBC as our official brand, and as our only name, moving forward.

In addition to distributing promotional buttons, banners and branded post-it notepads, a number of activities took place to help spread the word. The activities included celebrating among staff, clients, family and friends in the 2016 Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver and capturing creative selfies in the ISSofBC #WearYourButton photo contest.

Now that we’ve formally introduced ISSofBC to the world, let’s make it stick!

The transition may take a bit of time, considering how long we’ve been using the old names, but with consistency and conscious effort, the ISSofBC brand should take root in no time.

We are all counting on your active support to help ensure everyone you come into contact with knows that our name – our only name – is ISSofBC.

e an effective ISSofBC brand ambassador

Creating “ISSofBC” as auto-text in MS Word. 

Here’s what we told our partners and friends