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MAPLE 2.0 Success Stories

Clients share the challenges and rewards of building their new careers in Canada with the help of the MAPLE 2.0 program.

MAPLE 2.0 Internship Opened Locked Doors for Microbiologist
“Interning is the key factor that could get you in the job faster.”- Aman Kahlon
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Microbiologist Makes a Sweet Life
"I've been studying for a long time, at least five years in my country and then another year in Toronto, so I was just wanting to use all of the knowledge."- Arash Mazaheri
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MAPLE 2.0 Internship Gets Engineer Back to Industry after Long Absence
He trusted that every job was meaningful, every job involved some essential knowledge that he needed to learn.- Carlos Vasconcelos
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MAPLE 2.0 Gives a Chance to Show a "Can-Do" Attitude
"Newcomers need a 3D formula: determination, dedication and discipline."- Diljeet Brar
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Engineer Achieves Dreams
"The internship has been very important. My mentors of ISSofBC really amazed me from the beginning."- Emilio Cabrera
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MAPLE 2.0 Client Turns Steel to Gold
"When you came here, maybe you didn't want to know a lot, but the time passed and you realize that you need to be part of this, the culture, the team that you work. You have to belong."- Oscar Ruiz Elias
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Engineer Moved Beyond Chaos to Build a New Life
"My colleagues were very good to me. I really liked them. They are willing to help newcomers."- Penny Li
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You're an Asset; Act Like One!
"I came away with a very positive outlook. If I can do this, then I can do something else."- Tim Hendy
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MAPLE 2.0 Prescription Is Good Medicine for Doctor
"We do have our skills when we come here, it's just that we need time to get to know the culture of the place, get to know people, be familiar with the language, the phrases, the expressions."- Tricia Mercado
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