Join our February volunteer and event opportunities

February is packed full of amazing events and opportunities in Metro Vancouver from watching hockey, going snowshoeing and taking part in a scavenger hunt with ISSofBC clients, friends and staff.

Volunteer Connections Event Calendar February

For more details:

Give us a call or send an email.

Fatoumata Niane
604-395-8000 (ext 1633)
Email: fatoumata.niane@issbc.org

Elsie Decena
778-284-7026 (ext 1560)
Email: elsie.decena@issbc.org

Jericho Bundac
604-684-7498 (ext 1676)
Email: jericho.bundac@issbc.org

Dorcas Mendez
604-684-7498 (ext 1632)
Email: dorcas.mendez@issbc.org

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