Commercial Drive tavern donates over $13,000 to Welcome Centre

ISSofBC Communications Coordinator Chris Stephenson (right) shares a pint with Storm Crow General Manager Sean Cranbury (centre) and Storm Crow Operations Manager Sarah Hooper (left) during the passing of cheque last night.

Cheers to the folks at Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial Drive in Vancouver for the generous donation of over $13,400 to our upcoming ISSofBC Welcome Centre. This amazing fundraising effort will help provide refugees and immigrants in Metro Vancouver a fresh start to a new life that begins in the tavern’s neighbourhood.

“We’re really pleased to be able to make a contribution to some of the neediest members of our community. The new ISSofBC Welcome Centre will be an important place for many new Canadians and a positive addition to our east Vancouver neighbourhood.” – Sean Cranbury, General Manager, Storm Crow Tavern

“It is so great that the Canadian government has committed to resettling to 25 000 refugees this year. We are happy to help. Every Christmas the Storm Crow carefully decides which local charity to support. This year the choice was clear.” – Sarah Hooper, Operations Manager, Storm Crow Tavern

“It’s wonderful to have support from a community business in our new neighbourhood. We look forward to welcoming our refugee and immigrant clients to Commercial Drive and building a long lasting relationship with Storm Crow.” – Chris Stephenson, ISSofBC Communications Coordinator

The ISSofBC Welcome Centre, located at 2610 Victoria Drive (near Commercial and Broadway), is a one-stop housing and support centre for refugees and immigrants opening in the spring of 2016.

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