The wonders of building signage at ISSofBC Welcome Centre

Have you ever wondered how many signs are part of a new building?

We have over 200 signs to be installed both in the interior and exterior of the ISSofBC Welcome Centre. Every space must be named and labelled along with emergency evacuation and directional signs as well as a building directory in the lobby.

A couple of unique features of the ISSofBC Welcome Centre include the word “Welcome” in 18 languages that will be located in the outdoor plaza in front of the main entrance to the building.

Besides reading “welcome” in both English and French you will also notice such languages as Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Somaili, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Also, instead of the usual numbering for each residential unit we have combined numbers along with a name for each suite. The idea is inspired by a value or emotion through our work with newcomers as well as words that exemplify the life experiences of refugees. Keep an eye out  for suites named  resilience, determination, courage, compassion, peace, empathy, mercy and bravery.

ChrisAbout the Author:
Chris Friesen has been the ISSofBC Director of Settlement Services for over twenty years. He is currently leading the multi-year initiative to design and build a Metro Vancouver Regional Service Centre for Refugees. In spring 2016, this 58,000sf facility will become the first of its kind in the world, bringing together a variety of community and government services and organizations to meet the immediate needs of refugees and immigrants settling in BC. Learn more about the ISSofBC Welcome Centre.

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