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ATCR & WGR Consultations

The Working Group on Resettlement (WGR) and The Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR) started in 1995. This annual event provides an important vehicle for strengthened cooperation between governments, NGOs and UNHCR in the area of resettlement.

Every year a different state assumes the Chair role. Along with the State Chair role there is a NGO Focal Point who works to ensure NGO input into deliberations.

For 2013, Canada was selected to Chair the consultations, and Chris Friesen, ISSofBC Director of Settlement was appointed the NGO Focal Point. Consultations took place in Geneva, Switzerland in February (WGR) and July (ATCR). This year’s themes included: Global Information Tools, High Integration and High Medical Needs cases, and Labour Market Integration.


Photo at ACTR: (from left)Renata Dubini, Deputy Director, Division of International Protection -UNHCR, High Commissioner António Guterres- UNHCR, Debra Presse, Director, Resettlement (CIC) – Government of Canada Chair and Chris Friesen, Canadian National Settlement Council – Canadian NGO Focal Point

ATCR has become an important vehicle for UNHCR’s cooperation with governments and NGOs and a mechanism to enhance partnership. The conference offers a forum to review progress on resettlement issues during the year and to re-focus and shape a joint strategy on resettlement. Approximately 200 delegates from around the world took part in this year’s ATCR.